Medical and Dental Negligence

Medical and Dental Negligence

Medical and Dental Negligence is an ever present type of law being seen, not only in Courts but in daily newspapers.  The following, amongst others, are areas which can be seen in this area of law.

  1. Medical Negligence.
  2. Dental Negligence.
  3. Orthodontic.
  4. Consultants.
  5. GPs.
  6. Hospitals and HSE.
  7. Birth Injuries.
  8. Cerebral Palsy.
  9. A&E Departments.
  10. Anaesthesia.
  11. Neurology.
  12. Neurosurgery.
  13. Pathology.
  14. Histopathology.
  15. Plastic Surgery.
  16. Psychiatry.
  17. Radiology.
  18. Cardiology.
  19. Colorectal Surgery.
  20. Endocrinology.
  21. Ear, Nose & Throat.
  22. Gastroenterology.
  23. Vascular Surgery.
  24. Rheumatology.
  25. Urology.
  26. Hepatitis Infection.
  27. Medical Product Liability.
  28. Depuy Hips.
  29. Pregnancy mismanagement.
  30. Labour mismanagement.
  31. Midwifery Negligence.
  32. Caesarean Section.
  33. Brain Injury.
  34. Paediatrics.
  35. Shoulder Dystocia.
  36. Orthopaedics.
  37. Laser Surgery.
  38. Cancer.
  39. Oncology.
  40. Misdiagnosis of cancers.
  41. Blood transfusion.
  42. Blood Production Transfusions.

The Law in Medical Negligence:

In order to establish a case in medical negligence, you should first and foremost seek advice from your solicitor, who will in turn request you to get sight of medical records in order that he/she can give you legal advice as to your legal rights for a medical negligence case. The legal standard and definition for medical negligence in Ireland can be defined as establishing that no reasonably competent practitioner in the relevant field at the relevant time with the same qualifications and expertise, faced with the same circumstances would have acted in the same way.

Statute of Limitations Time Requirements in Medical Negligence Cases:

It is important to note that the law in Ireland states that one can only take a case two years from the date of the accident or injury. However, in the case of under 18 year olds or intellectual impaired persons, this time limit may be extended.  There is also an exception whereby a person who did not have the knowledge f the wrong doing, the time may be extended also.

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