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For years’ agriculture has been the backbone of our country.

That is why at our organization we have made it our purpose to help you with all aspects of rural landholdings and the law involved in agricultural business in the South East of Ireland.

We know that any decision you make on your farm comes with its share of implications and that is why we have highly qualified lawyers with rich knowledge in agricultural law to provide you with the legal assistance you may need.

Agricultural Solicitor


Over the years, we have gained experience in the following areas:-

  • Agricultural Leases
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Farm finance mortgages
  • Rights of way
  • Sales and purchases
  • Family settlements
  • Adverse possession
  • Farm partnerships
  • Succession and farm transfers
  • Forestry

Why should you Hire us?

Did you know that farming is more than a business? For generations, farms have nourished families, and brought people together through the virtue of hard work inherited from one generation to another.

However, just like any other business, people have to comply and change with the laws and taxes imposed in the agricultural sector.

For instance, did you know if you die without making a will your spouse inherits only two-thirds of your property while the remainder will be divided equally between your children?

Speak to one of our Agricultural specialists today which are Richard Halley, Frank Halley and Fiona Ormond.

At M.M. Halley & Son we will:

  • Provide sound professional advice on all aspects of family law gleaned from our many years of practice.
  • Help in completing deeds of variation that help in will restructuring
  • Help with the paperwork in land transfer or succession
  • Help you take matters to court if the issues escalate
  • Always protect your best interests

At our organization, we always believe the only way to do a job is the right way.

We are Second to None

Are you in Wexford, Kilkenny, or Waterford and looking for a good agricultural solicitor? Your satisfaction is always our priority. We are guided by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Contact us today to get a free quote.

FAQs for Agricultural Solicitors 

What legal services do agricultural solicitors provide?

Agricultural solicitors offer a range of services including advice on farm partnerships and succession, property transactions, environmental compliance, dispute resolution, planning and development issues, and regulatory matters specific to the agricultural sector.

Why is specialised legal advice important in agriculture?

Agriculture has unique legal needs due to specific land use regulations, environmental laws, EU agricultural policies, and the complexities of farm management and succession planning. Specialised legal advice ensures compliance and informed decision-making.

What should I consider when buying or selling agricultural land?

Key considerations include land zoning, entitlements and subsidies, environmental restrictions, access rights, and potential tax implications. It’s crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and seek legal advice before any transaction.

How can an agricultural solicitor assist with farm succession planning?

An agricultural solicitor can help draft a succession plan that addresses legal, tax, and inheritance issues, ensuring a smooth transition of the farm to the next generation while considering the family dynamics and future of the farm.

What are the legal aspects of forming a farm partnership?

Legal aspects include drafting a partnership agreement, registering the partnership, understanding each partner’s liabilities and responsibilities, and ensuring compliance with agricultural and business laws.

How do environmental laws impact farming practices in Ireland?

Environmental laws in Ireland can impact farming practices through regulations on waste management, water pollution, pesticide use, and habitat protection. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, making legal guidance essential.

What legal issues are involved in diversifying farm operations?

Diversifying farm operations, such as adding tourism or renewable energy projects, involves planning permissions, environmental assessments, contracts, and potentially new regulatory compliance issues.
Can agricultural solicitors help with agricu

Can agricultural solicitors help with agricultural tenancies and leases?

Yes, they can draft, review, and negotiate agricultural tenancy agreements and leases, ensuring they are legally sound, fair, and compliant with agricultural tenancy laws.

How does forestry law intersect with agricultural law?

Forestry law involves specific regulations regarding tree planting, management, and harvesting. It intersects with agricultural law in areas like land use, environmental impact, and subsidies or grants for forestry activities.

What is adverse possession and how does it apply to agricultural land?

Adverse possession involves claiming ownership of land through prolonged, uninterrupted use. In agriculture, this can be a complex issue, requiring legal expertise to navigate the requirements and process.

As with any legal matter, it’s important to consult with a qualified solicitor who can provide advice specific to your situation. If you would like to book a consultation to discuss any aspect of agricultural law then get in touch with Frank Halley or Fiona Ormond on 051-874073 today or email us at

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