M.M.Halley & Son rank in Ireland’s “Top 10” firms for medical negligence claims

M.M.Halley & Son rank in Ireland’s “Top 10” firms for medical negligence claims

It is with great pride and excitement that we share the news of our recent ranking in Ireland’s “Top
10” firms for medical negligence claims. This news reflects our enduring commitment to excellence
in providing services to those left with personal and financial burdens after substandard medical care.
Medical negligence litigation is invariably stressful for claimants. Many such clients come to us
having suffered traumatic, and sometimes life-changing, injuries; having entrusted their welfare to
medical professionals, they find themselves in a worse position than when they first sustained the

Dealing with the practical consequences of such occurrences is a huge burden in itself; having to
simultaneously address the financial demands of such a situation through litigation puts claimants in a
truly unenviable position.

Because of the enormity of our government-backed healthcare system, as well as the credentials of the
professionals administering care, many clients feel as though they have little chance of rectifying their
situation by legal means. Naturally, this can be a hugely frustrating and isolating experience.
With all of this in mind, our solicitors offer practical advice that addresses not only the financial needs
of clients, but personal needs as well. Having dealt with these cases for many years, we are sensitive
to the difficult position claimants find themselves in, and we are always eager to offer a listening ear
during tough times.

As this ranking shows, we are also highly effective litigators when it comes to medical negligence.
The “Top 10” position puts our firm in the company of larger national players and confirms us as the
best option for those pursuing medical negligence proceedings.

If you feel you have been let down by a healthcare provider and would like to seek compensation,
contact our firm and speak to head of the litigation department, Emmet Halley, on 051 874073 or by
email – ehalley@mmhalley.com.