Affidavit, Oaths and Declarations Explained

Affidavit, Oaths and Declarations Explained

For some, having an Affidavit sworn or a Declaration witnessed or sworn is sometimes not just inconvenient, but intimidating. The purpose of the Oath is in fact to give solemnity to what the person is doing and to ensure the truth and accuracy of the information contained in the Affidavit or Declaration. The solemnity of the process is an attempt to impress upon the person taking the Oath that what they are doing is serious.

When swearing an Oath or a Declaration, you should first ensure that you have read and understood the document and are content as to the accuracy of the information it contains. There should not be any blanks on the Affidavit or Declaration.

A solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths, who will witness your signature, will ensure that they are satisfied as to your identity and will most likely ask that you provide proof of identity, most commonly by means of production of passport or driving licence.

An Affidavit is sworn in the presence of the Bible or relevant holy book. The fee fixed by statute is €10.00 per affidavit or declaration and €2.00 per exhibit.

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