Recent Cases Concluded


  • €5,000,000.00 settlement for young person against HSE.
  •  Settlement of €550,000.00 achieved against Health Service Executive in a medical negligence case for a client who has a condition called Crohn’s disease, a diagnosis of which was contained in her medical records but she did not receive proper treatment for same for a long number of years.
  • Medical negligence case against the Health Service Executive for a baby who received injuries to his shoulder and kidneys during a traumatic childbirth. The case was listed for trial and settled the week beforehand for €115,000.00, which will be invested for the child’s benefit, at the discretion of the High Court.


  • Settlement of €800,000.00 achieved in case against HSE involving a patient who developed a condition which was not diagnosed in a timely fashion and the delay in diagnosis resulted in the patient having to undergo an amputation of her leg
  • Settlement of €260,000.00 achieved in medical negligence case against a medical practitioner involving a client who lost his arm due to delayed referral for specialist opinion”
  • Settlement of €150,000.00 for a client in a medical negligence case against the HSE due to complications during a medical procedure.
  • Settlement of €150,000.00 achieved for a client involved in an industrial accident
  • Settlement of €205,000.00 achieved for client involved in a road traffic accident


Interim settlement of €2,206,000.00, following High Court hearing and mediation, for young boy with Cerebral Palsy in medical negligence case against Health Service Executive.  He developed Cerebral Palsy following premature child birth. Future care is to be assessed at a later stage.

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